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Welcome to our phase of services exclusive for the industries where precision meets performance. Our machinery brand is dedicated to revolutionizing your industrial operations.From manufacturing to processing, we are your trusted partner in achieving operational excellence and driving productivity. Explore the future of industry with us.

Oil and Gas

We provide top quality support for oil and gas exploration and drilling, utilising cutting-edge technologies and expertise to ensure efficient and safe operations. Our services extend to production optimisation and refining processes, guaranteeing that your resources are extracted, processed and delivered with precision and efficiency. We offer comprehensive maintain and repair services, keeping your equipment and facilities running smoothly whole minimising downtime.


We are your partner in extracting the potential of the earth while preserving its integrity. With a wealth of experience and a committed to responsible mining, we do a comprehensive range of services designed to optimise your mining operations, reduce costs and ensure environmental stewardship. We provide expert support for the exploration of mineral resources, utilising state of the art technology and expertise to assess the viability of mining sites.


We are a trusted source of high quality construction materials that lay the foundation to your construction project’s success. With a strong legacy of delivering excellence, we offer an extensive range of materials designed to meet the diverse meeds of construction industry. We provide a wide selection of construction materials, including concrete, steel, bricks and more ensuring that your construction projects are structurally sound and resilient.


We are at the prime seat when it comes to automobile performance and safety. With a rich history of automotive excellence, we provide a wide array of services designed to keep your vehicles running at their best and ensure uour peace of mind on the road. We offer comprehensive maintenance services and efficient repairs to keep your vehicle in top condition, extending its lifespan and ensuring safety.

Safety equipments

We are dependable partner in ensuring the well-being of your workforce and the safety of your workplace. With a commitment to excellence and a legacy of providing top-tier safety solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of safety equipment and supplies tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries. We provide PPE, safety gear and accessories, fire safety equipments, safety signs and labels with these fore mentioned services we are so content to provide consultation and training.

General trading

Mechon is where the world's finest products meet seamless trade solutions. With a rich history of excellence in global trade, we are your trusted partner for sourcing, importing, and distributing a diverse array of products across industries. We facilitate international trade, bridging markets and connecting you with the products you need from across the globe. Our team of experts offers consultation and logistics solutions to ensure smooth, cost-effective, and compliant trade operations.