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We offer expert procurement solutions with supply chain to meet the quality needs of your business with a word to quality, efficiency, and flexibility to provide comprehensive solutions to enhance your production processes. From maintenance and recollection o custom solutions and optimization, the experts of out company make sure your product processes at its maximum performance, contributing to your brand's success and growth. Trust us to be your machinery partner, optimizing operations and driving productivity for your business.

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Mechon is a brand which is currently at leading in the industry of supply chain and procurement services. As businesses come for the best ever face of this industry, from the establishment from 2020, we are continuously supported by our major support systems, our clients and our business partners. We started our venture as a spare parts supply and machinery company which then lead to this level of high quality, growing with-the-world business as a supply chain and procurement solutions providing company. Time and growth has been a proportionate at our space as we move with the growing world of businesses where all the needs and specifics of each and every human being has been met at finger tips and at their own.

Getting in to our services, we provide supply chain and procurement solutions for all kind of businesses. We are mainly focused on providing spare parts and machinery to businesses. Also, we are at prime in the industry of construction, mining and marine parts and bringing revolutionary changes. Mechon always provide you with highly guaranteed services, industries and products which are so essential to any business. We are always fascinated to bring out and provide premium quality services for every business classes with all the industry standards including integrity, reliability, and sustainability at more importance. . Because it is when the industry comes to a state of outcomes all over. At every step of our path, we constantly kept our quality and dedication to be your choice of first. Now we are at this stage, where we have solutions and services for all the point of at any businesses.

At this point of growth, we are sincerely thankful to each one of our clients and business partners who has trusted us with each step in their sufficiency. It is only because of our visionary system and professionals we acquired such a great group of trustees or colleagues at businesses. They have been hardworking since their establishment at this firm, happily and sincerely working for the success of each of us. So when you go for quality, here we are at your business for providing you each portion to reach the premium atmosphere.


Experience we have
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Mechon was established in 2020 with a a sector of spare parts and machinery but now here, after a decade of excellence and professionalism, we provide each and everything that your business ever needed. We have these 4 years of intense experience in supply chain and procurement solutions where you can find these both as a hand worked premium services. For all the fore mentioned, we have a very soothed work path with a bunch of experts and their experiences which can precisely do any micro or macro services for your business. For all these years we have kept our industrial standards including each pillars of the industry and business. From our establishment we have done and dusted 300 successful deals which is a competitive growth and success in the world of leading businesses and the team, our partners and our clients are so in content for the astonishing growth we are currently going through.

From all these, we have more than 20 regular clients who has been there as a constant support system at each of our steps. And we have our premium suppliers which count more than 22 who have been our company’s regular suppliers in case of any parts or products. It is the one and only excellence of our visionaries that, till now we have done our services with more than 30 countries which has been a huge success to our hallmark officially. It is our experience and quality that made us move and lead with all characters that a business need in real time which mainly centre to the customer satisfaction and sustainability.




Mechon take pride in serving a wide spectrum of industries, each with unique needs and demands.



Mechon has a rich portfolio of projects, from large-scale infrastructure to intricate engineering solutions.



Mechon network of suppliers forms the backbone of our brand's success with excellence and sustainability ensuring highest standards.



With a global footprint, Mechon have made a significant impact by delivering our expertise and solutions to diverse cultures.



Mechon is a trusted name in industrial services, dedicated to enhancing the performance and efficiency of your operations.



Mechon services are a testament which offer a wide range of solutions that cater to various needs.

How to get our services?

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Step 1

Need Identification

Material identification are at the forefront of quality assurance and safety. With state-of-the-art technology and expert knowledge, we provide precise and reliable material analysis and identification for various industries. Whether it's ensuring the integrity of components or compliance with industry standards, our services offer the insights needed to make informed decisions. Trust in our brand to deliver accurate material identification, enhancing the durability and performance of your machinery and products. Material identification services contribute to the longevity, reliability, and safety of your machinery and products.

By partnering with us, you not only gain access to cutting-edge technology but also to a team of dedicated experts who are passionate about ensuring that every material used in your processes is of the highest quality. In an ever-evolving and competitive industrial landscape, our material identification services provide the peace of mind you need. Trust in our brand to be your ally in upholding the integrity of your materials and enhancing the performance and longevity of your machinery and products.

Step 2

Supplier Selection

Supplier selection is a critical and meticulous process for our brand. We understand that the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our clients depend significantly on the materials and components we use. That's why our supplier selection process is not just a transaction; it's a strategic partnership aimed at ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability. We start by carefully evaluating potential suppliers, considering factors such as their reputation, industry experience, and financial stability. We look for partners who share our commitment to excellence and innovation, as we believe that strong partnerships are built on shared values. Technical expertise is a key element in our supplier selection. We assess the suppliers' capabilities, machinery, and production processes to ensure they meet our stringent requirements. We also consider their ability to adapt to evolving industry trends and technologies, as we aim to stay at the forefront of innovation.

Step 3


Negotiating services are the backbone of our brand's commitment to delivering tailored and exceptional solutions to our clients. In a world where effective negotiation can mean the difference between a successful partnership and missed opportunities, our team of seasoned professionals excels in the art of negotiation. We recognize that negotiation is not merely a transaction but a complex process that requires a deep understanding of our clients' unique needs, industry dynamics, and market conditions. Whether we're securing a new contract, navigating a dispute, or optimizing existing partnerships, our negotiation services are designed to drive the best possible outcomes.

Ultimately, our negotiating services are not just about securing advantageous terms; they're about building lasting relationships and contributing to our clients' success. By understanding their objectives and navigating the complexities of negotiation with finesse, we help our clients achieve their goals, whether that's closing a pivotal deal, resolving a dispute, or optimizing an existing partnership.

Step 3

Purchase Order

The management of purchase orders is a pivotal process within our business operations. It is the linchpin that enables us to acquire the essential materials, components, and services required to manufacture and deliver top-quality machinery to our clients. Our approach to purchase orders reflects our commitment to precision, efficiency, and transparency. The creation of purchase orders begins with a meticulous assessment of our inventory, production schedules, and client demand. We undertake a comprehensive analysis to ascertain exactly what materials and components are needed, and in what quantities, ensuring that we maintain the right balance between efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our purchase order process is the lifeline of our machinery production, ensuring that we consistently deliver on our commitment to excellence. It is a testament to our dedication to precision, efficiency, and quality. It also underscores our commitment to maintaining strong and transparent relationships with our suppliers, who play a critical role in helping us achieve our goals.

Step 4


The delivery of services is the cornerstone of our commitment to exceeding client expectations and making a tangible impact in the industries we serve. It's the culmination of our promise to provide not just solutions, but a seamless experience marked by excellence, innovation, and unwavering dedication.

Our service delivery process is a meticulously crafted journey that ensures the successful implementation of solutions, whether it's the deployment of machinery, consulting, or any other service offering. We view service delivery as an art, a process that merges technical expertise with client-centricity. At the heart of our service delivery process is a commitment to excellence and a passion for making a difference. We believe that every service we provide should not just meet but exceed client expectations. It should create a lasting impact, driving value and contributing to our clients' success and growth.